Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Country Glamour

Add a touch of country glamour to your front door with a fantastic fabric wreath like this one by Anna. Everything in Anna's store is handmade and handpainted and I really love her beautiful blue dotty Christmas stars too. If you're looking for a very special Christmas gift why not check out Anna's store Half an Acre here.

Sending something Special

Receiving a handmade Christmas card is something that's very special to me. It's so easy these days to buy stacks of printed cards so when somebody goes to the effort of making one it's just that bit more memorable. These fabulous handmade cards by designer Alexia Abegg are just beautiful. Made from recycled wrapping paper, which all of us most definately have hanging around the house so there's really no excuse ... well not for me anyway : )

You can visit Alexia's blog here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sleighbells ring (finally!)

Seeing as today is the official launch of my favourite time of year I can finally post up all things Crimbo. It took a lot to hold back when it came to the end of November because I was really excited about lots of the things that I came across. These Christmas Trees made by Dutch designer Ingrid are the essence of simple beauty. Made from recycled wood, the idea of decorating with your own funky accessories, ensuring each one is truly unique and individual to the buyer is just inspired. Even though I love the sparkley magic usually associated with Christmas and all the glittering accessories, these rustic trees are the absolute opposite of that ... maybe that's the reason that I was so attracted to them!

You can visit Ingrid blog here or her Etsy store here.