Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Ultimate Recycle Chic



I know that my posts have been fairly sporadic of late and here's the reason why ... we've been tranforming our old little cottage into something with a little more room and more importantly a lot more insulation!! This has consumed so much of my time recently that I haven't been able to devote much time to anything else really. The good news is that we moved in last Saturday but the bad news is that it's still a long way off being finished completely. However, I thought I'd share one or two pics with you today because I was quite shocked at the before and after myself. We had to pull down the wall at the front in order to build a new one (a planning stipulation) which will happen on Monday.

It's so strange that when you're coming from a certain angle on the road it just looks like we've put a new render on the little cottage but as you move along the modern extension reveals itself. We worked with a fantastic architect on our home and we're so happy with his work! I couldn't recommend his work highly enough, so if you're thinking of updating or extending, you can find Tom's contact details here.

Oh and apologies for the snowy before pictures but I'm on my laptop and these were the only ones that were to hand!

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